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When Dulce tells the stories of how she can hear her grandmother's voice or feel her touch, you know that these products have a history and a purpose. They are truly made with love and inspired by her grandmother's influence on her life.


Dulce was born in Mozambique and raised in Zimbabwe. Her grandmother made her own lotions and always inspired her family to take care of their skin. She was her grandmother's shadow, always interested in what she was making. She finds herself making things that she made without a recipe…just remembering by taste or smell. It's beautiful what the human body can remember when inspired.


She moved to the US in 1998 after having lived in Lisbon, Portugal, South Africa, and Helsinki, Finland.


After years of working in her studio lab to create handmade products to take care of her own skin, La Societe Prive was born in 2015. All of the products are handmade with only the best ingredients, many of which are grown in her own garden. Dulce loves nature, traveling, helping others, and is passionate about good health and living a toxic-free life.


When you purchase from La Societe Prive, you can be sure that each product is carefully crafted with care, love, and light just for you from Dulce.

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