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Autumn @ Villa Paeonia

Autumn has arrived at Villa Paeonia, crisp whips of air punctuate the fragrance of the crackling fire pit we have been lighting for the last few weeks. While the nights have come close to near frost, the days are still light and very bright, allowing for the random white Hydrangea blossom to punctuate the view. The pop of lime green from my potted vines are still clambering up the trellis entrance to our beloved vegetable garden. Amongst the the overturned vegetable beds, stands my strawberry pyramid, now covered in brilliant orange Nasturtium blossoms amidst green vines. Nasturtiums, for those who haven’t eaten them, are slightly spicy, and create a bountiful color palate for an autumnal lunch or dinner menu. Perfect, for a fall themed salad!

Autumn Salad

- Spring Mix salad greens

- Nasturtium flowers

- your favorite nuts (sunflower, walnut, raisins)

- Olive oil, Vinegar, Salt, Honey, Mustard

- Whisk together Olive oil, Vinegar, Salt, Honey, Mustard, add nuts to make dressing

- In a bowl add salad greens and mix in dressing

- Plate and add Nasturtium flowers


Sipping on my cup of late afternoon tea, I see my garden as a metaphor of beauty preserved, in much the same way we mulch and provide winter cover to protect and nurture the beds for another season.

That has been my motto for skincare: nurture and protect through nature. The rituals and rhythms of the year dictate what we eat and how many layers we wear to protect ourselves from the harsher elements. Now as we turn our thermostats up and introduce the artifice of warmth, in turn we have to combat the effect of the dry warm air. I am well aware of how often I wash my hands throughout the day. This repetitive washing of our hands, faces, and bodies requires an extra layer to retain moisture. Your daily rituals, should include pure and natural soaps, finished off with a rich healing lotion.

Wishing all of you peace and love,


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